Yum Yum Party Food!

The Launch Party at Dissolving Buildings is in full swing. There are lights, music and dancing, and a fully stocked kitchen with fresh food and beverages on tap. You walk in the open door, to a room festooned with party paraphernalia, happy party people with scintillating conversation and friendly welcoming smiles. Someone appears as if reading your mind, and offers you a large platter of your favourite party food…

What is your favourite party food? (or drink!)

Tell us now and we will be sure to have plenty in stock for your next visit!

Let’s start a creative food explosion!


32 thoughts on “Yum Yum Party Food!

  1. knock knock (shy knocking on the kitchens back door….hinges screee softly as the screen door opens and a hopefully expectant face peeps in)

    Hellooo…(whispering because there is only a small lamp lit upon the sideboard) Are there any goodies left…I’m a bit late…Oh dear…looks as if everyones gone to bed…(hmmm…wonders if there are any leftovers in the fridge and wanders over. She pulls gently on the silver latch of the lovely vintage banana-cream-pie-yellow round topped refrigerator.)

    A bright cheerful wedge of light spills out and illuminates her look of delight, “Oh my goodness, what lovely…

    • …fried crispy octopus! I wonder why nobody ate them? Perhaps they ordered too many!

      I froze as the kitchen burst into life… “Surpriiiiiiise,” yelled all the guests with beaming faces, as they leapt out from under the table, through the doorway that led to the living room, where the Dissolving FM resumed playing at full volume, and the dancing began…

      • Momentarily stunned, then bursts into laughter!

        How did you know it was my favorite?!!! You were saving them for me weren’t you…go on admit it.

        Whew…I was so afraid I was going to miss it… (yummrrmm..crunches…) Mmmm these are still so crispy…and that batter…so light…if air could crunch…

      • E-Gad, the room bursts into laughter, and all the party food comes out, and drinks are flowing… let’s celebrate! Glad you could make it! (*Pours you a glass of …..?*)

    • Reverse dinner party – the spit-roasted boar is dripping over the bonfire out back, and will be ready after your nutty dessert has been deliciously digested!

      Revolving dinner parties are nice too… shall we meet for starters and soup at your place after? πŸ˜‰

      • Oooh that sounds divine!!!! Accepts ice cold glass just beginning to bead with sweat. sniffs appreciatively before the first tentative sip…

        tips the glass a little more and the liquid ambrosia swirls icily over tongue and into cheek pockets.

        with a sigh of satisfaction and a hint of a frothy mustache just at her lipline she grins widely and holds out her glass

        you have seriously got to try this…

      • Oh yummmm! Words escape me… may I introduce my daughter Tarina, alias neontaffy, or Taffy for short. She may have something delightfully delicious to say…

      • (Hey again! :D)
        Taffy pours her own glass from the pitcher on the table and admires its bright neon colour, she is a fan of brightly coloured things; they usually are very tasty – and in this case she is not disappointed
        “You are right,” she says, “It is good,” and wonders if she can get away with drinking the entire last of the jug or if that would be greedy…

      • (WilderSoul squeezes some wasabi into cheek pockets and douses the flaming eruption from her nostrils with a passing swig of sarsaparilla, while sweeping the dust and crispy octopus crumblets into the far corner… swish, swish, swish…)

      • Hey there Taffy…oooh I love the look of that…so pretty… and where did you get those tumblers? The rims seem to glow orange just along the top edge…beautiful against that sparkling green…What is THAT shimmering in the liquid…is that edible glitter? Is it flavored?

      • I’m not sure… they are nice though… edible glitter? Taffy swirls the glitter around in the glass before swallowing it. “Do you like pie? We have pie. I made chocolate pie. It is very sweet though.” She likes cooking. “Here,” the pie has really thick browned crust and is full of gooey dark and white chocolate. “It will taste good with this drink, because it is slightly tangy.”

  2. Oooh I love pie…oh..except for ShooFlyPie…I once had to shoo flies off the ShooFlyPie (at a restaurant reknowned for its ShooFlyPie)…they were terribly eensie teeny weenie… and as it was served to me…everyone looked on expectantly (for they had been singing the praises of the ShooFlyPie all evening)…I looked at the pie, at the many many flies, I looked at all those pairs of eyes, and simply shook my head from side to side…and had to laugh as they sat mortified (*true story*)

  3. Oh… I nearly forgot…(runs to back door and goes onto porch, returns a moment later dragging in a large cooler) I made two stops along the way and have it here packed in dry ice…

    I picked up some live lobster from a friend of mine (he’s a lobster fisherman in Winter harbor, Maine) and then on our layover in Anchorage I was able to score some wild smoked salmon.

    Sniffs…Oooh that wild boar is smelling wonderful… how much longer do you think it will be? Have I got time for at least two pieces of that chocolate pie? (Now who’s being a greedyglutz? Waves own arm vigorously)

    • Ooooh wild salmon and lobster… never had those! πŸ˜‰

      I’m being a greedygutz! *eats three slices of pie* Have all you want! There is an abundance!

      Mum’s doing dishes now and we’re off to watch the Life of Pi. (Pi, not pie.) Thanks for joining in our party, it’s been fun! πŸ˜€

      • Yes it was a lovely party! If you like I’ll take out the trash and use it to fuel my little ‘spin-a-bout’, I figure I’ll head up to the sparklies and sling my hammock between the moon and the pole star. Plenty of free parking up there and it promises to be a luminous night…

      • That’s awesome; fueled by trash? πŸ˜‰ And that sounds like an absolutely wonderful place to sleep… must try sometime πŸ˜‰

      • It was lovely having your company Pibbs! I am coming for a visit soon, to check out those little yellow sticky notes that might help me out with keeping things on track with my blogs of mayhem! Loooove your writing by the way, I would have a good giggle each time we read out your flavours and colours… and imagined the tastes…!
        Have a lovely weekend πŸ™‚

      • What a lovely thing to say about my writing but I’m afraid the credit must lie with you. There is a magical something about this world that you have created and it beckons the whimsical child at play in my mind to come out and mingle. She is often prone to riding on the wings of fancy and your world here is a virtual playground of discovery. What good fortune it was that I was such a ‘twit’ at our first aquaintance and it has blossomed into a field full of wildflowers.
        alas…I must tend to the sticky notes lest they fly off to parts unknown…there are many pitfalls frought with danger for them in this abode we call home…
        Say hello to the shire for me…stand upon your rooftop and give a hearty wave…Gandolf will see to it I get the message πŸ˜‰

      • So eloquent! I whisper under my breath with a look of wonderment on my face, as I tear off my reply from spiral-bound notebook, and crumple it into a sphere resembling a wasabi pea, and deftly load it into my trusty pea-shooter. Catch! I holler and fill my cheeks with air until they resemble overblown helium balloons, then explosively direct the pressurized breath through the pea-shooter. The miniaturized message hits its mark… ooops, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Sorry! I wave frantically in semaphores: “I am very pleased to provide a space for creatives to hang out and do stuff!” πŸ™‚ And that means you… (*and you…. and you.. and you… she says, looking around appreciatively…*)

  4. Oh yes… one more thing..Nuts and Berries…the concoction is as follows:
    Equal parts of:
    Frangelico*- or favorite hazelnut liqueur
    Chambord**- or favorite raspberry liqueur
    Half and Half- either ready mix or make your own with 1/2 cream and 1/2 milk- you may want to add more half-n-half to taste

    pour over a generous amount of ice in a glass, stir gently to swirl the flavors- they will mix more fully as you tip the glass each time you sip and the ice bobs and clinks.

    I can best describe this by comparing it to a Cadbury Fruit and Nut Candybar…sigh…

    *Frangelico is made in a similar manner to some other nut liqueurs: nuts are crumbled up and combined with cocoa, vanilla berries, and other natural flavors
    **Chambord is made from red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac.

    • My goodness! That’s all I can say!

      I never was one to frequent bars… and you have my mind wandering into liquor stores to search out ingredients! And the fruit shop for cherries; somehow I think a pair of cherries would dip nicely into the mix. Ready to savour the sweet coating of liqueurs before biting into the cherry flesh.

      Thank you for sharing your recipe!

      • The chambord and frangelico are ridiculously expensive…I hoard my supply…only doling out the precious nectar on VERY SPECIAL OCCASSIONS. To give you an idea…they last me about 5 years…

      • Spit-roasted boar marks a special occasion? πŸ˜‰
        Carving up the cold leftover slab and adding some moong bean sprouts and baby spinach leaves… and setting it down with a clunk on the solid wood table. You hungry? (Munch munch…)

  5. No worries…it couldn’t have been better timed…my left nostril was in dire need of a wasabi pea infusion (blasted sinusitus)…ahhh much better…it has done the trick…I can breathe freely once more!

  6. Hang on while I untether the Hammock. I’ll just stash it quick in the Mary Poppins Boot of my trusty spin-a-bout. Shall I pop by Paris for some crusty baguettes still warm from a stone oven? Or would you prefer cold Greek potatos in lemon and olive oil? We could toss in a few cured black olives for color and extra piquancy, from a quaint little market stall on Cyclades, Greece. Since the boar is cold I’ve got time to do both. I’ll just shave a little star dust from the nearest twinkler to be there in the wink of an eye…

    • Kumara from a hangi in Aotearoa – kapai te kai!

      Roast sweet potato is a good bit of nosh! Unfortunately it was so yummy we ate it all up last night, right after the pork and puha.

      French and Greek will do just fine, especially sprinkled with stardust! I have heard that stardust completely eliminates food intolerances, and especially coeliac disease! Wonderful stuff. I am shaking it furiously all over my carrot cake. πŸ˜‰

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