In a Flash – Fiction

A quick bit of fun! Create a very short story with friends by adding about 50 words in each comment.

  • First commenter sets the scene with 50 words for the beginning
  • Second commenter adds 50 words for the middle
  • Third commenter finishes off with 50 words for the end

Here are three themes to choose from, or feel free to start your own.

  1. Let me think
  2. Tiger in my Basement
  3. Coughed my Last…

Have fun, storytellers!

One thought on “In a Flash – Fiction

  1. A deep grumbling purr confirmed that there was still a tiger in my basement. I shuddered coldly and waves of nausea washed over me. Red digital numbers glared from my bedside clock reminding me that four hours had passed since Olaf had stormed off to sort out the clumsy burglar. He’ll be sorry he came to MY house, he snarled under his breath.

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