Dreams are Free

Dreams are free,
Reaching them may not be.

Our dream is to travel to the South Island of New Zealand. (We have lived in the North Island all our lives) This blog is part of our combined means to reach our common goal.

This dream is bigger than a local tour of our own country. This is the start of many things.

  • Moving into financial independence.
  • Re-connecting to a wonder and joy at the world around us, and the many people in it.
  • A first step in preparation for overseas travel
  • Working together as a team to achieve a combined financial goal
  • Creating something from nothing
  • Learning hands-on how to set up an online business
  • Planning travel itineraries and estimating costs
  • Creating an opportunity to share with others, via travel blogging!
  • Testing out whether we can earn an income online while travelling
  • Finding out if living expenses are truly less expensive further South!

So, there are financial, social, cultural, interpersonal, administrative and independence goals all involved in this dream.

It marks the end of an era in our family history, and the beginning of something new. We have entered the Teenage Era.

WilderWasabi has always held out hopes of a family business, and this initial collaboration may show up whether that hope is set to become a reality.


Neontaffy is keen on travelling further to visit friends in the USA. And WilderWasabi has put dreams of overseas travel on hold since her own teenage years, when she drove about in a van and dreamed of living in a house-truck. Nick Plutonium has his sights on tech conferences in the USA, and would like to first visit Fiordland which is the biggest wilderness area in New Zealand, and on the World Heritage List by UNESCO.


Beyond this blog, we will also accept suitable local work to add to our travel savings.

The focus on travel is great for taking the mind off the stress of survival. Dreams are free. And they can be very motivational and uplifting.


Sooooo…. when you buy anything, or donate anything on this blog, or on any of our other blogs, all the money will go towards making our dream a reality.  All products in the Dissolving Store give us a little commission from Amazon. We have two books for sale, Wildersoul Colouring Book in paperback, and Ten Hours Only (Dark City) as a Kindle e-book, and in paperback at Amazon.

We are working from Opinionated Man’s blogging tips from his book HarsH ReaLiTy (A Blogging Manual). How closely we follow it will determine how fast we grow our following here. So far we have been a bit sporadic!

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