Photo, Colouring Art, and Colourful artwork

I have had to take stock, as we seem to have bitten off more than we could chew. We have settled on a singular focus for this collaborative blog, and below is the first example of what is in store. My hopes of creating an interactive community were reaching perhaps a little tooooo high for me, and I was relieved and most happy to receive an invite to the brand new wePoets blog launched this weekend by Kira and Zoe. It fills a need.

wePoets Show It | An interactive community to showcase your creativity

Perhaps we will see you around there soon?

Meantime, when we go for walks, it is quite natural for us to take photos along the way. I am thinking of this as a start to a Travel blog, since it will be easy to keep it up when we start travelling further afield. Shaquin thinks of it as a Photography blog, and Tarina reckons it is an Art blog. So we are all quite happy. We are all pulling together on it, and it is much easier and within our capabilities, when loaded up with the other things in our life. Feels like a proper collaborative effort too. So here is the first offering.

2013-08-16 16.31.50 Enhanced

Photo by Shaquin


Silhouetted Tree lo-res

Colouring pic by Anasera

treesilhouette01 halo moon

Digital Art by Tarina

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


An Aside… psst!

While browsing through the Reader, I came across some group poetry venues. The more the merrier, feel free to check it out.

Here’s a Magnetic Poetry Challenge that appears to happen on Tuesdays at Soup Blog, where there are lots of other writing resources too.

And for those who do not have magnets with words stuck on the fridge, here is a cool site that has “magnets” for you to move around on your screen. Have fun!


Colouring Pic of the Week – Free as a bird, and Waterlilies

This week’s Pick of the bunch is all about freedom. I have joined the picture and frame and added my favourite Twitter Poem over at Twitter Poetry Ignite! Feel free to mix and match too.

Release, Let Go, Free
Click to go through to the Wildersoul Colouring Book

Weekend Blank Frames, er… Celtic Knots!
Click to go through to the Wildersoul Colouring Book

Waterlily (Click here)

Geo Roundel Flower #5 (Click here)

It was a week for waterlilies and these are a couple of favourites chosen by readers.

Click to go through the Wildersoul Colouring Book, there are a wide variety of pictures to choose from.

Some people colour them in, others use them as poetry prompts, and others enjoy browsing. Feel free to express yourself creatively.

#TwitterPoetry Ignite! Freedom…

This Freedom poem emerged out of the #twitterpoetry celebration tweets and I decided to frame and illustrate it with a selection from the Wildersoul Colouring Book.

Free from the shackles of your domination
From the bond of your humiliation
The force of your interrogation
Fear and limitation; I am free.

I’ve put the poem into the colouring pic and frame of the week, and had a go with the GIMP software to colour it in.

Freedom twitterpoem 2

Tweet your short poem to #twitterpoetry @tarinatrifonoff @wilder_soul anytime. We will be looking for a good twitterpoetry duel on Tuesday. (Your Tuesday or ours, either is fine!) There is a tweet box just to the right, in the sidebar. Go ahead, have a go.

(By the way, I added the robot poem assessor below for a laugh…! Don’t get too serious 🙂 )

(PS. The Pop-Up Poetry sounds like fun!)