Helloo on videooo!

Hellloooo! Introducing me… busy testing out our VideoPress capability on pro-WP! (Note there are no adverts cluttering up the vid at the end!)

Yep, that’s what I sound like. WilderSoul aka Anasera aka WilderWasabi aka Wasabi…

I will be posting as WilderSoul here from now on. Except when needing to comment on other blogs with a gravatar pointing back to dissolvingbuildings.com!

Send us a hello, in whatever form you like!

Comment text, pic, scribble, art, music, or even… video reply!


See you around… I have performance art / poetry planned. Maybe music! Mwah hahaha!


A Sticky Welcome

(*** Thank you all for visiting! The celebrations are over, and we are sweeping the floors and picking up the last of the party debris, stacking dishes and squeezing the last of the leftovers into our cute little fridge.***)


So glad you could make it!

We start off with Taffy as DJ on Dissolving FM with a mix of indie alternative songs. And finish with the last dance at 11pm. Here is the schedule we will loosely adhere to:

5pm* Open!
Dissolving FM broadcast

6pm TwitterPoetry Duels (en garde!)

7pm FlockDraw Fun (draw online with friends, create a picture together!)

Random offerings of Flash Fiction, Colouring, TwitterPoetry, Comic Strips, and carrot cake with cream cheese topping… Bring a plate for a pot luck meal! Cooking is creative too…. ๐Ÿ™‚

10pm Dissolving FM
“What is your favourite music for the Last Dance at 11pm?”

Mix and mingle, introduce yourselves and share in our celebration. We love that you could join us!


*Eastern Daylight Time, 5pm. ย This is 9am NZST, (UTC/GMT +12 hours.) See everytimezone.com for timezone conversion.

Yum Yum Party Food!

The Launch Party at Dissolving Buildings is in full swing. There are lights, music and dancing, and a fully stocked kitchen with fresh food and beverages on tap. You walk in the open door, to a room festooned with party paraphernalia, happy party people with scintillating conversation and friendly welcoming smiles. Someone appears as if reading your mind, and offers you a large platter of your favourite party food…

What is your favourite party food? (or drink!)

Tell us now and we will be sure to have plenty in stock for your next visit!

Let’s start a creative food explosion!