#TwitterPoetry Ignite! Freedom…

This Freedom poem emerged out of the #twitterpoetry celebration tweets and I decided to frame and illustrate it with a selection from the Wildersoul Colouring Book.

Free from the shackles of your domination
From the bond of your humiliation
The force of your interrogation
Fear and limitation; I am free.

I’ve put the poem into the colouring pic and frame of the week, and had a go with the GIMP software to colour it in.

Freedom twitterpoem 2

Tweet your short poem to #twitterpoetry @tarinatrifonoff @wilder_soul anytime. We will be looking for a good twitterpoetry duel on Tuesday. (Your Tuesday or ours, either is fine!) There is a tweet box just to the right, in the sidebar. Go ahead, have a go.

(By the way, I added the robot poem assessor below for a laugh…! Don’t get too serious 🙂 )

(PS. The Pop-Up Poetry sounds like fun!)

In a Flash – Fiction

A quick bit of fun! Create a very short story with friends by adding about 50 words in each comment.

  • First commenter sets the scene with 50 words for the beginning
  • Second commenter adds 50 words for the middle
  • Third commenter finishes off with 50 words for the end

Here are three themes to choose from, or feel free to start your own.

  1. Let me think
  2. Tiger in my Basement
  3. Coughed my Last…

Have fun, storytellers!