Helloo on videooo!

Hellloooo! Introducing me… busy testing out our VideoPress capability on pro-WP! (Note there are no adverts cluttering up the vid at the end!)

Yep, that’s what I sound like. WilderSoul aka Anasera aka WilderWasabi aka Wasabi…

I will be posting as WilderSoul here from now on. Except when needing to comment on other blogs with a gravatar pointing back to dissolvingbuildings.com!

Send us a hello, in whatever form you like!

Comment text, pic, scribble, art, music, or even… video reply!


See you around… I have performance art / poetry planned. Maybe music! Mwah hahaha!


#TwitterPoetry Ignite! Freedom…

This Freedom poem emerged out of the #twitterpoetry celebration tweets and I decided to frame and illustrate it with a selection from the Wildersoul Colouring Book.

Free from the shackles of your domination
From the bond of your humiliation
The force of your interrogation
Fear and limitation; I am free.

I’ve put the poem into the colouring pic and frame of the week, and had a go with the GIMP software to colour it in.

Freedom twitterpoem 2

Tweet your short poem to #twitterpoetry @tarinatrifonoff @wilder_soul anytime. We will be looking for a good twitterpoetry duel on Tuesday. (Your Tuesday or ours, either is fine!) There is a tweet box just to the right, in the sidebar. Go ahead, have a go.

(By the way, I added the robot poem assessor below for a laugh…! Don’t get too serious 🙂 )

(PS. The Pop-Up Poetry sounds like fun!)

Colouring Pic of the Week

Koru by Wildersoul – Click through for larger version.

This is my favourite from the daily offerings at Wildersoul’s free online colouring book.  Would you like to have a go colouring it?

Koru framed-page001

~ Click through to print. Image opens in new tab ~

Here is the Koru inside one of Wildersoul’s blank frames! If you use a graphics program such as Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, then please feel free to mix and match frames and pictures to create something new to colour! The Twitterpoetry Ignite poem is an example of using a graphics program to edit a blank frame.

Click through to more frames by Wildersoul

Have fun printing and colouring this blank frame, dive in and let your creativity flow. Wildersoul has a variety of circle frames, triangles, squares and more rectangles to choose from. And I will be posting my weekly favourites here at Dissolving Buildings under my explosive new nickname… Mmmm Wasabi… Hope I don’t get up your nose too much!

Party on,