What’s On?


Every day except Sunday

Colour it Wilder!

Usually Saturday

TwitterPoetry Ignite!

Tweet anytime! We will announce TwitterPoetry duels, or invite you at random times. Especially if we see your tweet! #twitterpoetry @fatal_life_hole

A selection of #twitterpoetry will be published approximately weekly by Wasabi, who is not a great one for strict schedules. You will be able to see what’s new by clicking on the TwitterPoetry Ignite! Category in the Sidebar.


Once a month, song by Taffy and Wasabi. Sing along, share and have fun with this music. Songs are meant to be sung by groups. It is part of learning someone’s culture, and sharing something in common. Let’s share! There is no restrictive copyright on this music, except to Share Alike. Keep this music free and open to all. We are not worried about mistakes or getting things perfect. We want to have fun and share, and invite you to share your own version by dropping a link in the comments.


Once a week, normally Thursdays, by Nick Plutonium. You are invited to photoshop his photos and drop a link to your work in the comments.

Code Puzzle

Daily code and hint by Nick Plutonium. Decipher the hidden message.

In a Flash – Fiction

Weekly, in a Wasabi sort of fashion. Tell you what – I will write them anytime, and then schedule the post so those who love to visit on a certain day, will be sure to find it waiting for them, fresh off the press! Because I find it addictive, I will put it on Friday so that I can visit the very popular Friday Fictioneers on the same day. Always inspiring!

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